Where Do You Order Contact Lenses Online?

should we consider ordering without a Prescription?

While ordering online can be convenient and sometimes much cheaper, there are some considerations to think about before you click “submit” on that final shipment order. If you’re thinking of ordering contact lens contacts online, then hopefully you already know you need to wear them regularly. Many people do not wear their contacts very long because they don’t feel like they need to, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But if you really want contacts for the long haul and don’t mind the expense of regular eyeglasses, you should consider ordering without a Prescription.

Some people may wonder if ordering without a Prescription is legal or not. The short answer to that is yes. You don’t have to have an eye doctor write you a prescription to order contact lenses online.


insurance policies don’t cover the cost of prescription eyeglasses

no eye doctor will ever suggest that you purchase your contacts without one. Most doctors and optometrists will not recommend purchasing contact lenses without a Prescription, simply because it’s too expensive. A large majority of people who purchase contacts from an online retailer do so without a Prescription. Many times they are doing so because they have vision insurance. Most eye insurance policies don’t cover the cost of prescription eyeglasses, so you will have to pay for this out-of-pocket – unless you have vision insurance.


a copy of your vision policy

If your insurance does cover the cost of prescription eyeglasses, most states require that you be given a copy of your vision policy before you are allowed to purchase your contacts. This copy can be given to the retailer from whom you’ve ordered your prescription eyeglasses, or to the eye care office where you were treated for your eye problems. Either way, you will need to be very careful about where you order contact lenses online. Most reputable retailers are required to provide you with the correct address for shipping purposes, and many require that the contact lens be shipped insured and signature required.


find a reputable source for a contact lens prescription

Once you know where to order contact lenses online, you will need to find a reputable source for the contact lens prescription that you order. This means either an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. If you do not have a name in the prescription book of one of these professionals, you will have to work on finding them. This can be done by checking with the State licensing boards, such as the Department of Health, and also by asking friends, family, and co-workers for recommendations.

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