Using Half-Hourly Meters to Reduce Consumption

When it comes to ensuring that your business has the latest technology, half-hourly meters provide an affordable solution. If you are a small business and still want to monitor the amount of time your customers spend at your facility, you may wish to consider investing in this type of product. While this option can be more expensive than some other options, it offers a variety of benefits that can save your company money and allow you to accurately display your customer’s usage data. One of the most important benefits of using a half-hourly meter is that your business will be able to receive accurate up-to-date billing from each of your customers at all times. This means that you will always know how much time your customers have spent inside your restaurant or bar, and you will be able to accurately calculate your business’ total beverage and food consumption for tax purposes.


What is a half-hourly meter?


In addition to ensuring that your business receives an up-to-date billing rate, half-hourly meters also provide a unique opportunity to give your businesses certain options. While traditional mugs and shirts offer all of the convenience of traditional meters, half-hourly meters give businesses the opportunity to have custom mugs designed and delivered to their door. With this option, businesses can promote their brand and gain exposure in a way that is completely customized to their specific needs.

Businesses can also take advantage of a special type of half-hourly meters that will send power usage readings to your cell phone. This convenient option will enable you to keep your employees up-to-date on their usage data from anywhere. Whether you’re monitoring your cash drawers or power bill, you can quickly receive the readings that you need through your cell phone in order to make necessary changes. Customized readings can also be received through email, which allows you to quickly identify any spikes in electricity usage that may indicate a problem with the electricity. This can help you quickly address potential problems before they turn into costly problems. As well as tracking consumption data, half-hourly meters are also useful as a tool for identifying conservation goals and making changes to your company’s electricity use.

Most businesses will already be familiar with standard half-hourly meters that allow them to track consumption data. If your business doesn’t currently use this type of meter, you can request a quote to find out which electricity provider would be the most cost effective for your company. Requesting information regarding energy efficiency is important for businesses that want to save money on their overall energy bill. Meters that provide up-to-date detailed energy consumption reports can ensure that businesses are saving money and reducing their carbon footprint at the same time.


Who needs a half hourly meter?


For many large businesses, implementing new energy efficiency programs requires an immediate increase in funding. However, half-hourly meters can provide a great way to reduce costs without putting a financial burden on your business. Using a variety of energy usage techniques including the accelerated reduction of power consumption during peak periods and the adoption of smart usage practices such as energy reduction when possible, large businesses can both save money and reduce their carbon footprint. Energy efficiency and reduction programs can require a significant financial investment, but a half-hourly meter can significantly reduce your overall energy bill while tracking only those areas of high energy usage.

Not all electricity suppliers offer half-hourly meters. In order to find out if your supplier offers this innovative meter type, contact your energy suppliers and ask about their options for measuring consumption. Many energy suppliers have websites that outline the different types of measurement that are available to them, and many include measurements such as kilowatts (kW) and kilojoules (kWh). Once you have determined the type of measurement that is most appropriate for your operations, it is easy to find a reliable supplier that offers the kind of measurement that will best suit your needs.

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