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Personal Protection Gear

When you are shopping for Defense Body Armor, you will need to decide why you are buying it. There are some common reasons that people purchase this type of armor. These include defense against pepper spray, firearms, and personal protection. The Defense Body Armor products will also come with a guarantee, if the product is defective (most will be) or if the customer is not satisfied with the purchase. Here are some of the specific items you will find in a typical Defense body armor bag:


This type of armor will offer the highest level of protection

It will also offer the fastest lifespan when it comes to wear and tear. Defense Body Armor is legal in almost all 50 states with only the three stipulations: Body armor must be purchased with a valid license. Body armor purchased in Connecticut can only be done “face to face” with a police officer. It can be sold to an authorized dealer as long as it clearly states that the buyer is not buying the vest to use for personal defense.


This type of protective clothing and gear

offers a much less extensive level of protection than soft armor, but will still offer high levels of protection from handguns and other potential injury threats. Since there is a decrease in the range of impact, low-powered handguns are not as likely to kill or injure an individual as powerful handguns are. A full defense experience will provide adequate protection against both handguns and other potential injury or death threats.


NIJ level II armor offers the next level of protection

NIJ level II armor incorporates features that allow it to be more concealable than soft armor. NIJ level II armor does not impede blood flow and circulation but will reduce discomfort from movement. NIJ level II armor is also fire resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit.


Rail-mounted comfort and mobility

are offered by ICP (Intense Ceramic Research) technology. ICP technology uses a material called Perforated Veil Material (PVM). The plates are manufactured from thin sheets of stainless steel. The plates are attached to rail guns and assault rifles with a special fitting mechanism. The plates help reduce felt pressure and wind resistance while adding a twofold layer of defense. The twofold layers of defense can withstand handgun, shotgun, and rifle cartridges up to one thousand times their own weight.


The bottom line

is that Personal Protection Gear offers peace of mind. People who are concerned about protecting themselves and their families should have this important part of their lives covered. Many people take the issue of self-defense very lightly. They don’t realize that their lack of understanding could result in real-life protection issues. This is why investing in the right armor can mean the difference between life and death. Investing in Personal Protection Gear now will allow many people the peace of mind that safety is never far away.

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