Tips For Seniors On Eye Care – Improving Vision Naturally

Eye Care Tips for seniors. Our eyes are perhaps one of our most precious organs, yet their care is often not taken seriously. With holiday and spring right around the corner, many people anxiously wait for the warm, sunny weather, only to be disappointed when rain and snow pummel our faces. We must take good care of our eyes, to maintain healthy vision and eliminate common vision problems such as dry eye and glaucoma.


One of the most effective eye care tips for seniors is to get a yearly eye exam

Seniors can have vision loss as easily as any other age group can. A simple visual examination can tell you if you need a visual treatment such as contact lenses or glasses. Some symptoms of vision loss include having difficulty reading and concentrating, loss of peripheral vision, and seeing a small print on a white piece of paper. If you experience any of these symptoms, a visit to your eye doctor is in order.


Taking care of our eyes doesn’t have to be a chore

As we get older, we may feel the need to do things we don’t usually do, such as reading for long periods of time or watch TV for hours on end. These actions, while making the brain work more, are not good for our eyes. We should take care to avoid poor habits which contribute to poor vision and take a proactive approach to our eyes by getting an annual eye exam. Having a checkup will help prevent further damage to your eyes.


Eye care tips for seniors also include proper eyewear

Since we live longer lives, it is more likely that we’ll see a significant number of changes in our appearance. Some of those changes may include macular degeneration, cataracts, and vision loss. You can reduce the effects of these age-related eye diseases through the use of corrective eyeglasses or contact lenses. The use of contact lenses is less common than wearing glasses. You should talk with your doctor before choosing to wear eyeglasses or contacts.


Eye care tips for seniors also include maintaining a healthy diet

Eye health plays an important role in overall health. If you smoke, the habit will deteriorate your vision. Vision problems caused by smoking can include diminished viewing distance, double vision, halos around lights, and dimmer sunlight. In addition to healthier diets, regular screenings for eye exams will also improve your vision.


Eye care tips for seniors also include including foods rich in antioxidants in their diets

Antioxidants, which are naturally occurring compounds, work to fight off free radicals from the body. Free radicals build up over time, causing cells and tissues to age in the wrong way. A lack of antioxidants can cause vision problems and other issues.

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