how to clean Your Machine Guns

The Best Way to Clean Your Machine Guns

Your body armor needs to get some special care. Just like any other piece of clothing or equipment you use regularly, the protection from injuries when using body armor needs to be maintained. Here are a few tips that can help you keep your body armor looking new for years to come.


First, your body armor needs to get some special attention

In fact, the only thing worse than dirty plates is when they are completely worn out! At the very least, you should clean your body armor once per week, just like you’d with any other duty gear. However, if you happen to have the extra time, you can wash body armor more often but only if you have time. Otherwise, you’ll want to ensure that the plates are thoroughly dried before putting them away.


If you’re worried about spending a lot of time soaking

in your washing machine, you might consider a slightly faster alternative: a dryer. There are plenty of dryers available that are gentle on your fabrics, whether nylon or silk. Just use the gentle cycle on your dryer and make sure you leave a long enough amount of time in between each cycle. The dryer won’t touch the plates directly, which is good because the fibers of your soft armor won’t be damaged by heat, making the items much safer to wear during exercise.


Washable nylon and polyester garments

can benefit from a gentle cycle as well. The mildew and moisture content in both fabrics make them great candidates for washing in the gentle cycle. If you don’t have a dryer, there are other options for washing nylon and polyester garments with hot water. Simply put them in a large sink full of warm water, lay them flat, open the zipper on the garment, wring them up, and wrap each article in a towel. Do this a few times, letting each article dry in the air.


If you’re looking for a detergent for your Machine Guns

look for the brands that are designed for Machine Gun Parts and Body Armor. Some brands of detergent, such as Armor-All are specially formulated for Machine Gun and Battery Carriers, so it’s best to get the detergent from these manufacturers. The detergent will be specifically designed for the type of coating that is on the Ballistic Panels of your Machine Gun or Carrier, so it’s best to make sure that you’re getting the detergent from the right manufacturer.


Spinnaker offers detergents

that are specifically for Body Armor and Machine Gun parts. Their products have been used for years as an industry standard for the manufacturing of these items. If you’re looking for a mild detergent to wash your Jackets and other wearable items, try Spinnaker. They have products for just about everything you could ever need to clean your Machine Guns. Their mild detergents come in a variety of formulations, so it’s best to check their entire line of products to find the one that’s right for you.

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