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Hotel Tech and Your Hospitality Technology Provider

The Hotel Tech Report worldwide network spans 150+ nations, has employees from virtually every top hotel brand in the world, and thousands of independent contractors. The organization is an extension of the hotel industry and is not focused on hotel development. The goal of Hotel Tech is to promote technological innovation, industry association, and the exchange of information. The Travel Channel is one of the sponsors of the program. In this article, I will take a brief overview of the program and how it can benefit your business.


For those who have not yet watched

the Travel Channel’s hotel tech episodes, which run weekly, the show is basically a video stream of hotel guest reviews that are posted by customers. You can also listen to the behind-the-scenes reports at the end of each episode. A new episode is released every Tuesday. You can find out more about the latest hotel tech offerings on the Travel Channel website.


The first episode of Hotel Tech

was released in May of 2021 with the theme of “circus” in the hotel industry. The chief evangelist at the time was Matt Deming, followed by Matt Frechette, director of operations for Sheraton Worldwide. Matt Gagnon was then promoted to be the Chief Evangelist and later, Executive Vice President of Sheraton. Recently, Matt emailed me to let me know that the company has now expanded to cover approximately 180 hotel brands in North America and the Caribbean.


The storyline revolves

around hotel tech offerings for the guest. In each episode, guests are interviewed and asked about what they are most excited about. What was most exciting about the guest was not necessarily the offer, but rather how the offer was provided. The result is a report card for each of the hotels in the report that compares their offering to competitors and reveals the things that will make them more attractive to guests.


This first season

is primarily focused on hospitality. Guests can use their mobile devices and internet applications to order room service, make reservations, order food, and even track their gas mileage. They have the opportunity to pay their bill using electronic checks. At this point, it has five tech stations including a Starbucks Express, which provides the guest coffee, hot tea, and iced tea in a compact size. The mobile device can also be used to order room service, get gas prices, find local restaurants, and even track your flight status.


Hotel Tech

is designed to enable hospitality technology providers to provide value-added offerings to guests in a fast and convenient manner. It will continue to evolve as more hotels invest in this new medium of service. Hotels will continue to develop relationships with vendors to increase their bottom line. it will also continue to influence the hotel industry as guest demand for new and improved features drives vendors to develop new and improved technology. In essence, Hotel Tech is creating another bridge between the customer and the vendor enabling hotels to better serve their guests.

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