History of the Samurai Sword

samurai sword represents the craft and art of Japan for thousands of years

It was used as a weapon in battle, carried on everyday casual duty and even as a part of ceremonies and rituals. Samurai were men who served the Japanese royal family and were trained specifically in how to fight with weapons. When they died they were cremated leaving behind their great sword called the samurai sword. This sword is made from one of three types of wood, iron or steel. No matter which type of wood it is made from it is very sturdy and strong and usually has intricate detail of the Japanese samurai warrior’s design etched onto the blade.

The first samurai sword was created about two thousand years ago during the time of the samurai warriors. They would cut and prick their enemies with these powerful knives and then always carry them ready to fight another day. Over time different styles of swords were used until the one known as the double edged katana was created. This weapon was much more effective than the earlier swords and could easily be concealed when not in use. During the Muromachi Period, which was a period of fierce battle between the Japanese and foreigners, the use of this type of sword became very popular.

A samurai sword can also be known as an imperial family sword

A Wakizashi is another weapon that is used by the samurai warrior. This is known as the side sword and is much shorter than the katana. The wakizashi is held between the index and middle finger of the left hand. The wakizashi is primarily used to ward off an opponent but can also be used to attack and cause damage.

These swords were handed down from father to son. An imperial family samurai sword is usually about three feet long and has a tapered edge. Samurai warriors carried these swords in special scabbards that had little plates under them that locking the blade in place. When an enemy came up to a samurai warrior he would draw back his sword and allow it to be drawn back slowly so that the enemy would have to make one more movement or the blade would be locked.


Many historians think that the concept of owning and carrying swords helped shape the culture of Japan. Samurai warriors were strong and respected people who did not fight for personal gain. Often times they would sacrifice their own lives in order to protect others.

The blade of a samurai sword is generally made of high carbon steel. This makes it extremely durable and able to stand up to many blows. The handle is also a single piece with a solid cross guard. Traditionally, Japanese swords were made using a katana method; that is by combining a short sharp sword with a two handed maki sword. The two handed man was longer and could be used as a weapon as well as a cutting edge.

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