Healing Crystal – What Are Healing Crystals?

healing crystal

Healing crystal consists of using certain gemstones and semi-precious stones as a medium to channel energy and promote harmoniousness between the practitioner and the patient. The most popular gemstones used in the healing process are quartz, emerald, sapphire, topaz and amethyst. However, other gemstones can be used as well. These healing crystals are channeled through hands into the body of the client in order to relieve the physical, emotional or spiritual suffering.


In their natural state healing crystals can be found all over the world, in nature. The most popular gemstone for the purpose of healing is quartz. For years it has been known as the stone of healing. The healing properties of this stone were exploited long ago by the aborigines of Australia, who used the stone to make healing tools, medicines and even food. Nowadays, many people still use the quartz as a stone for healing purposes.


In Australia, abouzelof also called the Australian Stone is the most popular healing crystal. The abouzelof is a dark brown hard stone with an intense cool color. In Australia, the abouzelof is primarily used for headaches. However, it can be used for any other purpose as well. Some people believe that the abouzelof has the power to reduce or eliminate disease.

In the mid-1990s, a few Australian mineral specimens were exported to the United States of America. These were the now famous yellow quartz, black tourmaline, pink garnet and green kyanite. All these stones have healing properties and are used for different purposes. Among these stones, the yellow quartz is the most popular because of its ability to increase life force energy, spiritual awareness, spiritual wisdom and overall well-being. This healing crystal may not be effective for everyone though, especially if one has low blood sugar levels.


Black and pink crystals may sometimes act as the purifying crystals when placed together. In fact, this is one of the most ancient methods in healing with stones. In Australia, they are known as green and black rocks. Some examples of this combination include the crystal clear quartz, black tourmaline, pink garnet and green kyanite.

As mentioned above, some of these stones may not be effective for everyone. For example, green kyanite and black tourmaline, which are commonly known as rainbow crystals, are not as effective on people with diabetes. However, this does not mean that all crystals may not be suitable for diabetic people. As mentioned before, this is an issue of personal preference. Some of the crystals may also have negative effects on people with high blood pressure.

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