Gay Pride Flag History – Learn About the History of the Gay and Lesbian Rights Movement

Pride Flag History

The Pride Flag is an important part of the Gay and Lesbian community. It is often referred to as the rainbow flag because it has a rainbow colored background, is sometimes written with the GLBT acronym, and sometimes has three horizontal stripes down its length. It is a symbol of pride for members of the gay and lesbian community who wish to display their relationships publicly. Its symbolism is important to many people of the gay and lesbian community.


In 2021 the United States government approved a new Pride Flag design. In this new flag, the background is black with a hot pink stripe down the middle. In the center is a rainbow. There are two versions of this new Pride Flag. One is the flag with a hot pink stripe that is rectangular; the other is a flag with a hot pink and green stripe which travel around the top of the flag.

The symbolism that the gay and lesbian community likes to attach to the rainbow flag is important. It symbolizes acceptance, love, and happiness. The rainbow symbol used in the gay rights movement was originally a symbol meant to represent the rainbow color spectrum, thought to be by the creation God. Today it is widely used as a symbol of gay pride.


The gay pride flag history is important for the gay community itself. It is a way to show the world that members of the gay community are accepted, comfortable, and proud of their sexual orientation. The symbol used on the flag is not only a representation of how the gay community feels, but also of their love and happiness. Although the design of the new Pride Flag may seem insignificant, many believe that it is a very big step in gay civil rights movement. Many see the new flag as a way to raise awareness about prejudice, stereotyping, and hate.

The significance of the rainbow flag goes beyond the pride of being one of the first organizations to use this design. The flag represents many things to the gay community. For some, it is a symbol of pride and acceptance. For other individuals and groups, the rainbow flag is a symbol of a community which accepts all people, regardless of race, gender, or sexual orientation. Even those who hold a different opinion on the controversial subject of same-sex marriage consider the rainbow flag as a symbol of hope.


There is still much more to the gay pride flag than most may realize. Though a simple symbol, it has achieved worldwide recognition as a symbol of pride in a gay community. The rainbow flag is a great example of American ingenuity and progress, and as a design, has significance beyond being simply gay. As the newest addition to the Rainbow flag, the gay pride flag is set to fly high above the grounds of San Francisco.

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