Fighting For Child Custody

Child Custody is an emotional term referring to the legal and functional relationship between a custodial parent or legal guardian and a child in the care of that parent or legal guardian. In Australia, the term child custody can refer to child care, visitation, education, or psychological support. Child custody also means the responsibility for protecting the child or children of a non-custodial parent from abuse or neglect. Custody can be shared between two adults or it can be shared by a single parent with the consent of the other parent.


Child custody is an important factor in any divorce proceeding

It is as important, if not more important, than any other factor in the divorce case. In most cases, one of the spouses is less likely to get custody of the children. Even if the spouse with the custody ends up winning the divorce, the court is going to make certain that the less favored spouse is not subjected to continuing abuse or neglect. For this reason, child custody and visitation should be a high priority for any couple when getting a divorce together.


the custodial parent

The decision about who will be the custodial parent will be affected by the parents’ religious upbringing and beliefs. There are four types of child custody laws in the United States, where each state has its own set of rules and laws. One is sole custody, where only one parent has physical custody of the child. Another is joint custody, where both parents have the right to be involved in the child’s life; however, one parent is granted primary custody. The last is shared custody, where the parents share the responsibility for the child but are not legally given joint custody.


four types of child custody laws.

When working with your attorney to draw up the paperwork for child custody laws, you need to understand the differences between these four types of child custody laws. One is sole custody, which allows the less favored party to make major decisions about the children. This would include both decisions regarding the children’s schooling, religious upbringing, and if the child will live with them or with the other parent. Joint custody allows both parents to make these decisions, but only one parent is legally allowed to make these decisions.


Child support payments are calculated

One important factor to remember when going through the child custody battle is that it will be a long time before any long time is served by the court. Child support payments are calculated based on what the state can afford and can take a long time to complete. It is also recommended that anyone who wants to work out any financial problems with the court as quickly as possible hire an attorney who specializes in family law.


find an attorney

Child custody orders are final, and only the judge can decide which one is the best for the child. The judge is likely to be especially harsh on the less favored party because they were not given a chance to explain their side of the story. It is important to find an attorney who has experience dealing with family law so that you can get the best advice and get the best outcome when fighting for visitation or child support.

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