Female Body Armor For Law Enforcement

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Today’s modern body armor has evolved to protect more than the body’s organs. The original “body armor” was designed to protect against firearms fire but today’s body armor is designed to protect against all forms of attack. Modern body armor is designed to resist a number of different attacks including bullets, knives, and other sharp objects, as well as a high impact from an automobile accident. Women have always been more vulnerable to injury from assault weapons and automobile accidents than men, and while the rate of women who suffer assault injuries is not as large as men, women do represent a large percentage of the population that suffers such injuries. Body armor was originally designed to provide adequate protection against firearms fire but now is designed to resist a variety of violent personal injuries as well.

Today’s modern body armor has also developed to resist a variety of other attacks including knives, guns, and other sharp objects. In fact, the original “body armor” designed to defend soldiers in combat was actually composed of soft, flexible plates that were designed to bend at the point of impact to accommodate the pressure at the point of impact in order to prevent injury. Today’s body armor is manufactured in much the same way as the military plates were made prior to the development of bullet proof vests. Each plate is formed with flexible metal formed into multiple overlapping sheets which are then fitted together. Additionally, modern armor is available in various sizes and is designed to stretch, rather than break, at the point of impact for optimal protection.

Female Body Armor

Female Body Armor Design The size medium of the armor has also changed with the incorporation of women law enforcement officers into the military and police force. Body armor for law enforcement personnel has developed to include specifically designed protective padding in strategic areas like the breasts and waist. This fits snugly against the frame of the vest to provide exceptional support and maximum comfort while worn. Women body armor is also available in tactical-type form which is primarily used by female officers and serves the dual purpose of providing additional armor protection and being easily adjustable to fit any size woman. This is the most preferred style of body armor for women law enforcement since it is extremely effective in stopping a potential assailant.

Tactical-patterned Body Armor Just as body armor for male law enforcement officers has developed to include a flexible size medium, so has the tactical-style armor evolved for female officers. Tactical armor is designed for use during close quarter combat situations. It is constructed in a similar fashion to its male counterpart and includes pockets specifically designed to carry small personal items such as keys, cell phones, lipstick, or ID badges. Like its male counterpart, female armor is designed to effectively stop firearms and other sharp objects at the point of contact. Although it is designed to be smaller in size than its male counterpart, many manufacturers have still incorporated standard pistol grips into the design to provide a more comfortable and stable hand hold.

Body armor

Body armor designed for female officers can also be found with clip attachment points on the outside of the armor rather than on the inside. These attachments are designed to allow female officers to quickly insert their pepper sprays, stun guns, or other devices without having to remove their weapon from its holster. Some models do not feature any attachment points on the exterior of the armor but rather have small slots located on the inside of the vest. This allows female officers to easily insert their pagers or cell phones without having to remove their gun from its holster.

Because female officers are often more sensitive about their safety in comparison to male law enforcement professionals, manufacturers of female body armor have recognized this and have taken steps to make their products inconspicuous to those who are trying to protect them. Many female body armor models feature discreetly placed warning lights and logos that are designed to be very difficult to identify as belonging to the law enforcement professional. In addition to these types of designs, there are also ones that have interchangeable pieces allowing an individual to change out their protective clothing according to the type of situation they are in. There are also many different style options that have been developed by manufacturers so that women may wear their traditional uniforms while still wearing their protective gear. Female law enforcement officers will have a greater peace of mind knowing that they are wearing an item that is highly effective at preventing injury and protecting them from danger when in the line of duty.

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