Commercial Locksmith

A commercial locksmith is a person who provides residential locksmith service for commercial as well as industrial users. These type of locksmiths usually provide security system and lock system installation services specifically for commercial units. Locksmiths offer different types of services and at times may not have the skills to provide all types of services. They are therefore referred to as managed access systems or key access systems. Commercial locksmiths are therefore mostly called upon when multiple users in one area require the services of a professional locksmith.

Commercial Locksmith


Security is one of the most common problems that surface with many businesses. In the course of business operations, it becomes necessary to consider security issues especially in sensitive areas such as access to sensitive and protected areas of a business. Public buildings and businesses to come up with security issues that call for the services of a commercial locksmith. Most of the time, these situations occur when business owners cannot identify the source of any intruders or burglars or if they need help for their business operations. With their services and skills, they are able to detect the sources of security concerns and give appropriate advice on how best to resolve them. These locksmiths are therefore important to various businesses since they are able to solve various issues related to security within the premises of the business.


Some of the most common services offered by a commercial locksmith are key replacement and deadbolts maintenance. In key replacement, they replace old keys with new ones and other locks that are required by various businesses. They also make duplicate keys for security purposes. Deadbolts are important features for all commercial doors used to access the main office or any other area of a business. Most businesses keep keys for the various rooms in their office, which require the presence of a deadbolt in each of the doors.

Apart from opening and closing doors, commercial locksmiths perform a variety of other important tasks. For example, they can open a jammed lock, change door locks and even install a new keyless door lock. For renewing a door, one can remove and add a new key or they can rekey a lock. They are also skilled at installing any kind of security devices required for a business such as alarm systems.


Other than working with businesses, a commercial locksmith can also be hired to assist homeowners with various problems regarding their residential property. Many homeowners hire a commercial locksmith to ensure the security of their home and their personal belongings. There are many locks available, but the most important component for a homeowner’s safety is a deadbolt lock. Although there are many locks available in the market, the most important component is a deadbolt lock, which ensures the security of a house.

As previously mentioned, there are many locks and services being offered by a commercial locksmith besides just locks and keys. A commercial locksmith can also refer residential locks if the previous keys have been lost or misplaced. This is a huge benefit especially for people who live in multi-story houses or apartments where there is a tendency for things to be misplaced or stolen. A professional locksmith can help them retrieve their lost keys and restore their security.

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