Dentists and Dental Hygiene

Dental office management is a rewarding career, yet it can also be a challenge. Dental office managers typically play the role of a marketing and public relations specialist. Their wide-ranging responsibilities could include scheduling appointments, managing patient treatment, directing billing, or overseeing overall billing. Since dental assistants juggle a multitude of administrative and clinical duties, …

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How Insurance Can Save You Time and Money During an Emergency

When Hurricane Ivan struck the beaches along the Cumbrian coastline, many businesses along the coastline took the opportunity to re-allocate their assets and avoid the catastrophic effects of the storm. Many companies evacuated their businesses and closed for weeks or months while local authorities dealt with the crisis. While others stayed behind to help with …

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Discover the Truth About ED Treatment!

What is erectile dysfunction (ed)? Erectile dysfunctions are essentially failures in achieving, maintaining, and sustaining an erection sufficient to have sex during a sexual encounter. Erectile dysfunctions can result from a myriad of possible causes, including age, previous sexual trauma, injury, medications, and more. Erectile Dysfunction (ed) is quite a common phenomenon, affecting the majority …

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